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This product is a refill container for spray bottles.

Charbay Hand Sanitizer Spray is an FDA Approved alcohol-based, antibacterial sanitizer that effectively kills harmful germs and bacteria.

  • KILLS GERMS & BACTERIA: Our alcohol-based spray is effective at killing harmful germs and bacteria on hands and surfaces.
  • APPROVED FORMULA: The formula is 70% alcohol-based blended with other natural ingredients and is approved by the WHO (World Health Organization) and FDA (Food & Drug Administration).
  • FREQUENT USE: Our 5 gallon carboy contains 136,000+ sprays. CHARBAY TIP: Keep a 4 oz. bottle handy in your home, office, car and bag to use as often as needed.
  • SAFE FOR KIDS: Gentle enough for children’s sensitive skin, while still killing germs.
  • DO NOT DRINK: For topical application only.
  • DIRECTIONS: Spray generously into your hands, rub them together for 15 seconds until dry. 

While we wish we could give this away for free, by setting a fair price you will help us keep the lights on and our hard-working team employed.

Doing our part to keep you healthy and safe. We are in this together!

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